my dream job.

People always comment how happy I must be to have my dream job.  And I think… I love being a photographer but it was never actually my dream job.  But if I look back at my life, I was always headed in that direction.  So I suppose me and photography were always meant to be. […]

the mango.

When I started shooting weddings I also started editing for an experienced and talented photographer.   I learned so much from him.  Editing for him fed my love for travel and funded my growing business.  Over the years through my ups and downs he’s supported me in so many ways.  From guiding me in my […]

Attack of the Budgets.

April 4 facebook status.. Whenever a bride tells me she’s on a budget I’m happy to find pricing that can best fit her needs and budget, but there are those rare times when I secretly want to say… “My life is also on a budget, and I need enough money to eat.” Surprisingly I received […]

Portland Portrait Photography | Brittany.

I didn’t meet Brittany until the day I flew into Portland when we had our photoshoot. But right away we fell into chatting and laughing and fun times. We actually had been talking for some time over facebook through a group we both belong to. It’s funny how even though I hadn’t met her in […]

feet first + blogshop | the goat farm atlanta.

I regularly read the Designlovefest blog by Bri Emery.  I love all her graphics and thoughts and creative design.  So when I found out she and Angela Kohler of Angela and Ithyle were putting on a workshop, Blogshop, to integrate photography and design into a blog, I knew I wanted to attend.  After some correspondences […]

12 x 12 | Teach someone something

So I finally crossed my first item off my Twelve by 2012 list!  Last night I shared a long overdue video chat with my dear crafty-kindred-spirit-friend, Ang.  I saw my favorite “little” bully, and we talked about all things under the sun, including photography.  She just received her first DSLR (hurray!), and I was eager/happy […]