A better me

I’ve come to realize that one way to live a happier life is by becoming a better person. This year, I’m trying to consciously improve myself. So reading will be a big thing. I have reader’s ADD so I have a bunch of books that I’ve started reading and am now chugging through. I’m excited!  I hope to finish all these books by the end of June!!

1. Details in Contemporary Architecture: AsBuilt by Christine Killory
2. Blink by Malcom Gladwell
3. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
4. The Search for Significance by Robert McGee
5. Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur
6. The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America by Bill Bryson
7. You Want Me to Work with Who?: Eleven Keys to a Stress-Free Satisfying, and Successful Work Life . . . No Matter Who You Work With by Julie Jansen
8. It’s Not How Good Your Are, It’s How Good You want to Be by Paul Arden


I think it’s strange when brides close their eyes in their bridal portraits… it’s one thing to do it if the photographer asks her to. It’s part of his vision.. but when brides do it on their own I think it’s weird. Do you want to look like you were sleeping? I’m just not sure why brides do the things they do. Do they think that that’s what you’re supposed to do? And worse of all… the brides are “asleep” and the groom has no idea and he’ll be smiling or giving an expression that doesn’t match. strange.

Odd. Girls are weird! I’ve proved it. It’s a fact.


Proper attire.

When you’re out galavanting in the rain… or often in my case, taking public transportation in the rain, you always need to be dressed in proper attire and equipped with the essentials.

On this particular rainy day, I was not prepared wearing my suede-ish moccasins.

Sunday in the City

Just a continuation of the glorious Sunday afternoons I’ve seen

Lazy Sunday afternoons

I’ve spent most of my January Sunday afternoons in the city. And even though I’m sick in bed this Sunday afternoon, I’m still overjoyed with how beautiful it was in the city last weekend.


I have a love-hate relationship with Sonics.

Sonic commercials are ALWAYS on. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad if there was one close to where I live, but for a long time I had no idea even where the closest one was! Four years ago when I found out there was one near Davis (about an hour and half north of here), I tried it for the first time… and it was as delicious as it looked on tv. I instantly fell in love with the limeades and tots. yum! That was the first time I ate at Sonics. The second time I ate at Sonics was five months ago in El Paso, Texas. Yeah… that just shows you how accessible Sonics is to me.

Finally a Sonics was built in Gilroy which is an hour and half south of where I live, but near the outlet mall… which gave me more of a reason to go as opposed to the other one near Davis (which is out in the middle of no where). Needless to say, it was not until a Sonics was built in Hayward (about twenty minutes away) that I finally ate at Sonics for my THIRD time.


(p.s. I used to have similar experiences with Walmart. We’d always get Walmart ads in the newspaper, and I used to think… “What’s Walmart? Where are those things? Why haven’t I ever seen one before?”)

Little ones

I think my niece is more like a little person than a little three-year-old. I love her… and she’s super cute.

It’s my birthday!

Nope.. it’s not really my birthday. But today IS my birthday party. Wooohoo. With all the birthday celebrations in my family, my brother and I, who usually have a busy schedule… (I have a busy schedule? yeah! go figure!), decided to celebrate our birthdays together. His birthday was two days ago and mine is in a month and a half.

For birthdays our family usually goes all out… and today will be no different. Today we are having a potato party… potato pancakes, sausage, chilli and baked potatoes. Probably the most unhealthy meal my brother and I could have chosen but very fitting if you knew us. Ryan doesn’t eat the healthiest and my choices ordinarily cause people to scratch their heads with confused looks on their faces. We’re not going to have cake either because Ryan and I don’t like cake… I don’t really like baked goods or chocolate… I’ll eat the gingerbread cookies, madelines and white chocolate like there’s no tomorrow, but everything else is kind of “eh”.

Side note:
My sister-in-law asked… “Are there going to be any vegetables?”
My response: “Aren’t potatoes vegetables?”

Anyways… today will be glorious.

Here’s a picture from the day of Ryan’s birthday when it rained. Notice the pink sky at sunset and the saying “Red at night, sailor’s delight” (meaning the following day would have great weather…which it did have.)

p.s. Anyone else think it’s ironic that I’m celebrating my birthday on the day of two of my ex-boyfriend’s birthday? I do. hahaha. sucka.