Let’s be crafty

Somehow in the evolution of this blog, I stopped talking about my craftiness and my architecture-ness. I enjoy doing crafts, but recently haven’t had any time to do it. Honestly, I feel kind of guilty when I do crafts at home, knowing I could be either working or spending time with friends. But when my mother had a day off from work and she wanted to spend time with me, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do crafts with her.

I made a ribbon dispenser box.

And I made these very simple cards from my huge supply of cardstock, stamps and embossing doodads.  For this “thanks” card, I wrote out the word with an embossing pen, put the embossing powder on it, then heated with a hot gun thingy.

I made the following cards for valentine’s day!  I love t-rex looking dragons and pandas! Hopefully if I get my act together I’ll be sending these out soon!  I think they’re cuter in real life.

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  1. You make great cards! I think they’re so cute– people would want to buy them!

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